Being inited by my friend, I joined BBQ today.

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Oct 17, 2014 20:44
Being inited by my friend, I joined BBQ today. Since it was the last day of my staying here in Brisbane, it became good memory for me. I really wanted to say thank you my friend invite me.

She is my classmate which has started just two weeks ago. Before that I belonged another class for about 6 weeks, so it was the first time to see her. Our class is 13 to 16 people, I guess, and 2 of us are Japanese. Others are from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Turkey, Italy and German so it has good barnacle of nationality.

I couldn't attend only 2 weeks there, but I was able to see her and also see other classmates so I was happy. Before meeting her, I didn't go out so much, and it was ok with me, but after seeing her, I was able to go to bar, italian restaurant and BBQ then all of them are very fun for me. I really appreciated to her.

Actually, I didn't expected so much the class and hanging out and having fun with someone. On the contrary, I really enjoyed both of them.