I went to Central Park yesterday.

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Oct 29, 2014 20:09
I went to Central Park yesterday. It was one of activities of my school. Although it's clad an activity, it's very simple. We just went there and walked around in the park. That's it. :) As for Central Park, it's less beautiful than I guessed. Inokashira Park, near my real house in Tokyo, is more beautiful and more comfortable than that, I thought. It's because that is not clean. I like clean space! Hahaha. I just visited some parts of it and it's very large park so maybe if I search other places, I can find nice spot, but I don't have much interest in it. Because as I mentioned earlier, the park near my house is nice and it's satisfying for me. I thought the place which is lawn and just big space in Brisbane, Australia is more beautiful than Central Park. After getting here in N.Y., I clearly understood this place is not clean but food and some products are very good. N.Y. and Brisbane, both have good aspects and bad aspects of course. So far, I like Brisbane better