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Oct 31, 2014 06:56
Here in N.Y., it seems subway doesn't have barrier-free service. As far as I can see, there aren't any such services. Moreover, they don't have not only elevators but escalators, which is quite terrible. How to live for people who are physically-disabled or the elderly in N.Y.. It's really sad but those living here are very mixed-race and they have various values so maybe it's difficult to understand each other and do something for someone such as the weak. It would also appear that some people have to live just to survive.

However, I saw a homeless person bagging passengers for money on the train. As I was scared, I ignored her but two passengers gave her some money then, which shows that there are some people who try to help someone. From this, In stead of cooperativeness, they respected their personal decisions about doing anything at all, I thought.

Now, I visited Brisbane in Australia ,Cebu in the Philippines and N.Y. in the USA this year. Apart from Cebu, compared to Brisbane, people living in N.Y. seems to be very busy. It looks much busier than Tokyo. Living in Tokyo, I was busy while working, but I always tried to be calm and live humility as much as possible. People in Brisbane are easygoing and even those live in Tokyo are not so busy.

It's just my impression, I have a feeling N.Y. is similar to Osaka in japan. People are very busy and some of them are like gangsters. (Sorry for this, it"s just how I feel.) I was able to see people fighting each other at a platform many times, people using a road like their own parking lot despite of just public space, and other things, which looks like Osaka that I've seen. Those living in Osaka are unposed and maybe friendly but often aggressive, I suppose. On the contrary, Australian in Brisbane are a little posed and urbanism but so kind like people in Tokyo.

I mentioned the differences between N.Y. and other cities as just my opinion. It's because N.Y. is very new for me so I wanted to compare them. I've watched a lot of scenes in N.Y. on TV since I was a child but actually they changed completely what I imagined before. So far I've been satisfied with entertainments here but I've felt sorry for other things. After coming to N.Y., just five days have passed, so I'm not sure a lot of things but I just want to note and share my impression with this Lang-8 friends.