I'd like to explain about my homework to my teacher at Online sdhool.

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Jul 24, 2012 06:04
I have to do my homework. It's practice to use "the word". For example, there is a verb "interest". I have to make a short sentence. "I'm interested in studying English." or somthing like that. If I made "I'm interested studying English.", it's wrong. We need the word "in". So would you correct my sentence?

Like this, I'll have to study how to use "the word". When I make a sentence, I usually use "I" or "he" and so on, that is very simple word but it's ok. Because I learn how to use "the word". It's important to make correct sentences.

And my school doesn't need to make long sentences in this case. For example, "I attend it." "I made it." these are OK also. Of course it's better to make "I attend the metting.""I made chocolate cake." something like that, long sentence, but I don't need to make those sentences this time.

In case of "adjuctive". We don't need making sentence. For example, "beatiful", We can say "beatiful girl", and that's ok too.

I mean, I have to practice how to use "the word". In case of "verb", I practice make a sentence for a short time. And "adductive", I practice to use it.

It's difficult to explain it.
That is my homework. It's difficult to explane it.