It's difficult for me to practice how to use the "verb of word".

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Jul 10, 2012 06:05
I have to do my homework. It's practice to use the verb. For example, there is a verb "suffer". I have to make a short sentence. "I'm suffering from the illness." or somthing like that. If I made "I'm suffering the illness.", it's wrong. We need "from". Like this, I'll have to study how to use verb. When I make a sentence, you usually use " I " that is simple word it's ok. Because we learn how to use the verb. It's important to make correct sentences. My school doesn't need to make long sentences in this case. But it's very difficult for me. I always have no idea and when I try to make sentences I have no idea so I try to make something but I always be sleepy. Maybe it's difficult for me so I become sleepy. That's the problem for me theese days.