Last night, my ex-boyfriend sent me texts so I asked him to phone me.

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Oct 21, 2014 14:16
Last night, my ex-boyfriend sent me texts so I asked him to phone me. Because I have to ask him not to contact me for a while, of course I'm sure I'll feel sad though.

There days, he proposed to eat "Yakitori" with me many times. He broke up with his girlfriend and then he feels lonely so he doesn't want to get together with me but he just wants to go out with someone.

However, I always refused, because if I eat out with him, I can easily feel more sad. I also explained so, but he didn't understand me. He gets better so I decided to tell him not to contact until I become well.

I asked him whether he is getting well or not. He answered, "Yes. If you can eat out with me to "Yakitori", I might be better." I said, "You are getting well, I'm relieved. In fact, I've told you many times that I'm not fine. I have to forget about you but if you contact me like this, I can't. I always felt lonely because I don't know when you stop contacting me so actually I was pleased to get your phone, but at the same time, I was scared. If you don't love me, please not to contact until I get better. If I get well, I will contact you."

Now, I feel very lonely but even if I continue this situation, it's also very lonely. I just have to put up with this situation even though I cry every night, every minutes.
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