1st conditional & 2nd conditional

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Jul 23, 2011 11:22
It's very difficult for me.
I had learnt them in my English book like under this writing.↓
1st conditional : if + present + will
We use the first conditional when we think it's possible that an action will happen in the future.
ex. If I see Yuko tomorrow, I'll tell her the story.
He will learn English well if he studies hard.

2nd conditional : if + past + would
We use the second conditional when we imagine an action in the present or future but we think it will probably not happen.
ex. If I saw Yuko tomorrow, I would tell her the story.
(I think I won't probably see Yuko, so I won't tell her the story)
We would buy the house if we had money.
(We don't have the money, so we won't buy the house.)

I think i understand them, but I can't answer some of them like under this writing.↓
Q:Choose the best verm forms.

1: You have to leave now. If you(don't hurry, didn't hurry), you (will, would) be late.

→I choose (don't hurry)and (will).

2: Yuko likes coffe very much. If she (drinks, drank) toomuch coffee, shi(will not, would ot) be able to sleep.

→I choose (drinks)and (will not).

3: If we (have, had)some food with us, we(won't, wouldn't ) be hungry now, but we don't have any.

→I can't choose.

4: I'm sorry you have no time. If you (help, helped) me, I (will, would )finish this exercise quickly.

→I can't choose.

I usually confused, espesially when I speak.
I have some questions.
I don't know which is the first "if" or "I will"or "I would".
It's very difficult to understand it.