I revised my before descriptive essay to add more detail.

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Feb 16, 2013 20:10
I revised my before descriptive essay to add more detail.
I would like to ask native people to read and give me some comments please.
any grammtical and logical errors are okay.

ER, Emergency Room

Suddenly, Intern Choi got a call from an ambulance car. He said that she got into a car accident with dump truck on Han River’s riverside road next to Han-gang Bridge, Seoul, South Korea. It had happened just before 10 minutes and it would take 5 minutes to get Medical Center. Also she was at a coma state.

Medical and Security staffs were complaining their stubborn chief who always accepted emergency patients even though there are not enough seats and argued with other chiefs every day. But the day, there were just intern doctors and nurses in ER. It was being made them deadly crazy.
This was because almost their department’s specialists already went to the 3rd thoracic surgery forum with others. Hence, the emergency room was supposed to be arranged with general surgery department according to the doctor’s symposium last Monday.

However, they started checking a possible bed and could empty out #7’s bed in ER and prepared emergency kits sterilized with a saline solution and defibrillator. If they do not act now, they would be kicked with a chief shoe’s sharp heel.

The ambulance comes to emergency room and staffs opened the paint peeled door. It was easy to recognize that it must be badly serious. Inside the car there was a victim lying on the moving bed made by steel and was an emergency medical technician sitting on her and putting compression on her middle chest with his folded hands to maintain vital sign (vital signs are measures of various physiological statistics such as respiratory, temperature and cardiac rate).

While they were being moved by ambulance staffs, they called and told interns about her medical statues. Her name was Kim Ji-Min. It was a car accident patient and BP(Blood Pressure) was 60/100 (low state). When they rescued her at the scene of the accident, she was able to maintain 90/100 and it kept dropping on way here. Even though she was wearing a seatbelt, she hit the guard rail while trying to avoid hitting an oncoming car. Choi with other three interns and nurses helped them to move the victim onto #7’s bed. A nurse took her clothes off with scissors. And she put some electric patches on her each side chest and a thumb finger of right hand. Then she checked his BP(Blood Pressure) and started him on an IV(Intravenous) then sent out the blood tests and called the CT scans lab in a short time. The vital sign showed a one digits’ dropping level. Also due to copious bleeding, Choi ordered two more ‘O’ type’s blood packs. And asked others call the specialists to find out. This was because if they did not read the main symptoms of her, they would not be able to get the point how they should do. And also there would be a change that she could not be operated in Operating Room. Therefore, she thought that they needed to come down right away and exam her. Jung called general and cardiothoracic surgeries to help them.

While waiting for the doctors, they couldn’t see any sign of trauma on her surface. This was because Intern Choi could still feel the pulse at the carotid artery and systolic blood pressure seems around 60. (systolic blood pressure: blood pressure on the maximum pressure).

But, suddenly vital sign showed no on the screen. It meant that it was cardiac arrest. All medical staffs hurried up and performed the CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency procedure to assist someone who has suffered cardiac arrest). And Intern Choi and Jung ordered nurse to give an Ambu bag (Bag Valve Mask) with a central venous catheter set (CVC is a catheter placed into a large vein in the neck, chest or groin. It is used to directly obtain cardiovascular measurements) and epinephrine (epinephrine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter. It has many functions in the body, regulating heart rate, blood vessels etc.).
They performed the CPR but there was no vital sign. They made a decision to use defibrillator without residency or specialist doctors since they had no time to wait for them within 5 minutes. They did not have any time to waste getting ready to take notice from them. It this did not resolved in time, they needed to give up. Intern Jung put compression on the Ambu Bag and Choi performed CPR on the center of her chest repeatedly and regularly.

Choi held and grabbed the two electric charger handles of defibrillator and a nurse next to him helped put gel on the two pads. The intern came down to ground and the nurse input 100Joules. He put the chargers on to her right and left chest. No wave sign on the heart screen. He did it again with 150J, 200J again and again. During the medical treatment, his family came into emergency room and starts crying and yelling at doctors. Security guards kept them away from her. However, staffs were not able to keep an attention from them. The most important duty was to save the person. If it did not work then they had to pronounce his death. Fortunately, with the last try, the wave what they wanted showed on the screen. They let IV be injected through his vein. They got released and went to his family to say her statues.

This is what was happening in emergency room every single day and every single minute in Medical Center.