Pygmalion and Galatea

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Jul 19, 2012 19:07
Pygmalion and Galatea

In Greek mythology, Pygmalion, a young sculptor, didn’t feel good at women who live on the ground, thus, he made the most beautiful woman sculpture that he had ever seen in the world himself and named the one Galatea. In fact, Pygmalion who fell in love with the woman sculpture asked Aphrodite who is the god for love and beauty for being her as his wife then Aphrodite brought the sculpture to life. As a result, Pygmalion got married with Galatea who became human.

Hence, Pygmalion effect came out of this story.

In terms of Pygmalion effect, ardent desire from the prophetic effect of Self-suggestion makes a dream come true and has a positive effect on people.

London Olympic will begin in this coming summer. Every athlete’s effort that they have practiced for last 4 years will show up on this game.

As one of Korean, I would like to convey Pygmalion to Korean national team do well.

As The most important thing in our life is effort than success, the most important thing in Olympic is not to win the game but to participate
Quoted by Pierre de Coubertin
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