It is important to know the events happening around the world, even though it is unlikely that they affect your daily life. Do you agree or disagree?

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Apr 29, 2012 20:35
It is important to know the events happening around the world, even though it is unlikely that they affect your daily life. Do you agree or disagree?

It is evident that in our current society events happening around have tremendous importance in our lives. Many people think that it is not necessary to know the events without related to people, while others do not. I however, believe that Knowing to the affairs will help people live be much more educational. There are several reasons that I could discuss to support my argument to the two that I feel are the most relevant to this topic. First, it helps people be a well-informed person. Also, we can expand social network with happening around the world.

First of all, the most important reason for thinking this way is that it is easier to become a successful professional when we start to know social incidents around the world. Commonly in society, many companies tend to prefer people who have their own social perspective. If people are interested in social issues, they will be able to obtain a lot of idea and thought on it which is essential element to succeed in our workplace. A really good example can be seen in Richard Branson. I read online that Branson, a CEO of Virgin, transformed his company into one of the most profitable information technology and entertainment enterprises in the world. In one of his interviews he said that although he didn’t attend university, he was able to succeed his life and establish his own companies. This was because of his social interests. He always paid attention to our current issues because he wanted to be a rich man. As a result, he was able to create many hit singer’s albums, such as Beatles. The most successful singer ever made. This example clearly shows that social incidents affects positively people mind because of the success it entails.

Also, another reason for feeling this way is that People can build relationships with those around them when they don’t tried to understand social happenings. Due to the changes in culture and individualism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet and build relationships with others. This will be magnified when their interests do not match with others. A recent article I read on the Korea Herald revealed some interesting findings. According to the article mentioned, a surprising number of university students claimed that they are too lonely. They have more opportunity to make acquaintance but the relationships never reach the genuine friendships because they don’t need to know social and political issues. Just last year, when I was freshmen students, I had only a friend because I was not able to share social opinions with other classmates even my girlfriend. As this outcome, or the lack thereof, shows that people have to have their own opinion to social affairs because it hinders people from expanding social networks.

All things considered, the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that I have sufficiently and adequately explained my position regarding this topic.