Topic : Teachers should not show their social or political views to students in class. Do you agree or disagree?

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Apr 28, 2012 14:33
Topic : Teachers should not show their social or political views to students in class. Do you agree or disagree?

It is evident that in our society social or political views have tremendous importance in our lives. Many people think that Teachers do not have to show their personal to students in class. I however, I believe that they need to express their social opinion them. There are several reasons that I could discuss to support my argument, so I will limit my discussion to the two that I feel are the most relevant to this topic. First, Teachers’ social or political opinions help students their awareness of our world. Also, it allows people to build friendships.

First of all, the most important reason for my feeling this way is that it is easier to become a successful professional when students are able to learn teachers’ social opinions. Commonly in society, companies tend to prefer people who have their conscious of social issues. If people learn their teacher’s opinions, they will be able to obtain many knowledge and perspective of our society which are essential element in our workplace. A really good example can be seen in Steve Jobs, I read online that Jobs, a CEO of Apple, transformed his company into one of the most profitable information technology enterprises in the world. In one of his interview he said that he was able to have his own social perspective from his Asia philosophy class teacher. His teacher taught him to have different ideas our current society such as wealth and information gap. As a result, he was able to create many hit products such as iPhone: the most successful smart phone ever made. This example clearly shows that teachers’ personal opinions to society have a positive effect to their students because of the success it entails.

Also, another reason for feeling this way is that people cannot build relationships with their peers when they have no social interest. Due to various changes in culture and individualism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet and build relationship with others. This would be magnified if they don’t show their thought about current political issues. a recent news article I read on Korea Herald revealed some interesting findings. According to the article, a surprising number of parents claimed that their children are lonely. They have more opportunity to make mere acquaintances but the relationships never reach the genuine friendships because they cannot discuss social issues with classmates. Just last year, I was only able to make one friend because I was not interest and ignored my teachers’ opinions to social problems. As this outcome, or the lack thereof, shows people need to learn and develop their social awareness form their teachers because it hinders people form expanding social networks.

All things considered, the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that I have sufficiently and adequately explained my position regarding this topic.