Technology designed to make people's lives simpler often turns out to make them more complicated.

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Apr 25, 2012 11:36
Topic : Technology designed to make people's lives simpler often turns out to make them more complicated.
It is evident that in our current society technology has tremendous importance in our lives. Some people think that technology made our lives not simpler, while others do not. I however, believe that designed technology is very important for our convenient lives. There are several reasons that I could discuss to support my argument, so I will limit my discussion to the two that I feel are the most relevant to this topic. First, it leads people to educate more convenient. Also, it is necessary for our daily lives.

First of all, the most important reason for thinking this way is that People use technology for our lives because of its accessibility. Accessing things easily is essential in our fast paces lives. It can be said that technology can be used for the purpose of daily routine because it is easily available in our day to day lives. A really good example can be seen in iPad, which is a tablet personal computer made by Apple. I read online that iPad, a very popular smart computer in my country, is used by over 80% of the population in Korea. I find it interesting because the article mentioned this was due to the fact that we can use iPad anytime and anywhere. Just yesterday, I cooked with iPad’s Recipe applications such as Jamie Olive’s cook book for my family anniversary because I just only had to install programs, such as iBook without going to find any books. This example clearly shows that technology has a significant role in daily lives because it is easy to access.

Also, another reason for my feeling this way is that Technology has advances tremendously. Technology had rapidly developed in concurrence with the change in society. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly easier to find information because we use this technology. Take Google, for example. When we have to do our research assignment, we usually use google, which is a very popular internet search engine to find relevant information. Just last week, I used google for my marketing class’ assignment to gain information for comparing two brands between Channel and Prada’s strategies. This was because google was a much more convenient method of gaining information compared to using a book. This example is clear indicator that technology helps our educational purpose because of its technological advances.

All things considered, the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that I have sufficiently and adequately explained on my position regarding this topic.