Today's my essay. (Holding Olympic events is beneficial?)

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Sep 26, 2011 23:46

Do you think that it’s beneficial for countries to host these Olympic events? Why?

There has been an argument about whether it is beneficial for countries to host Olympic events or not. As far as I’m concerned, I’m in favor of Olympic events that can help facilitate not only national economy but also our adolescents’ sports environment.

To start with, holding Olympic event can stimulate national economy growth. It is often said that those kinds of events can cause national crisis. Holding Olympic events require a country to expand tremendous budget as much money as they possibly can’t afford. A lot of problems result from the fact many countries overspend their budget. It is easy to bring economy crisis of liabilities and real-estate. Such as Nagano of Japan, Toronto of Canada. It means their strategies are not well-designed and overestimated. Although there are a lot of disadvantageous, I prefer holding Olympic events can play a role of national economic growth.

To illustrate this point, there is no doubt in my opinion that Seoul Olympic led Korea to be shown in all around world. By holding Seoul Olympic, Korea’s economy could development amazingly than our thought. The event gave us not only construction filed but overall sports environment. Jamsil Olympic Park has been using for a lot events. In addition it is used as a main stadium of LG twins and Doosan Bears and also a lot of concerts are held at a gymnastics gymnasium. Those kinds of facilities have been playing a role for citizen.

Also, Holding Olympic events can be a good opportunity for athletes of unpopular sports. As you know well that Korea sport is often said of elite sports. You might know a national sports center. “태능선수촌”. There are a lot of athletes preparing Winter Olympic and Summer Olympic who exercise to be world No.1. But Korea sports investment is imbalanced. There is big wealth gap between well-known sports and unpopular sports such as figure-skate, and bobsledding. If it were not for holding Olympic, those kinds of sports will be disappeared. This is because that It is too hard to build sports facilities like ice-link without holding Olympic.

All these things considered, I’m in favor of holding Olympic Events. The events can bring positive advantageous. If It were not of Kim-YunA’s gold medal of Vancouver, Pyung-Chang would not win the Olympic bid.