Today's my essay. (Torrential Rain in Korea, Donation)

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Sep 21, 2011 22:41
Many cars were submerged in water due to torrential rain and many car insurance companies are going through a tough ordeal dealing with this matter. Do you think that the insurance should cover the repair costs?
We should consider the relationship between customers and insurance companies. A majority people who take out insurance wants to be satisfied from the risks. So they are willing to pay an amount of money to those companies. I think a car accident and natural disaster are not different because the causes are also unpredictable. The main aim of insurance prevent to future risk.

There are many people in Korea and worldwide who live in extreme poverty. What can we do to help them?

As I know, there are nonprofit organizations such as World Vision, Red Cross. But I think that the way we can help them is limited in practice from time, space. Personally, Small donations that we can donate will be the realistic way.

The International Community provide many aid to these countries yet our donations don’t reach their doorsteps(문간). Rather it ends up in the homes of government officials who don’t necessarily need help. Are they ways to avoid this from happening?

 I think No one can force to donate money to them. But Government Officials have a massive power can change people’s mind from indifference to attention. The Government Officials should promote consistently Ordinary people’s a little help can make something can help these countries.

Some people say, if you have money to donate it should be those to people of your nation. Others say that we should help third world countries first. What is your opinion? Why?

 I agree with the idea of donating money to third world countries. Korea had a hard time before and we received financial aids from rich countries. From the help, we could grow up; moreover, have a role as a financial companion. If it were not for their aid, Korea might not stand up well till now. Therefore, I hope remember that helping the third countries is not only for them but also the process in making future companion.