there is an essay what i wrote my opinion about the best way of learning.

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Sep 20, 2011 23:56
Q) While some people think that listening to the advice of family and friends is the best way of learning about life, others think tha personal experience is the best way. Which do you prefer?

Learning about ilfe allows us to be released from our biases.

Although learning by listening to the advice of family and friends has some advantages that can reduce faults, save time and hear variety opinions. I think that learning by doing and bumping is better.

I think that Learning means we have dream and want something special achivement. I’ll give you the example of successful people. Do you know these people who hit Korea? Ahnlab’s 안철수, AD company Bigant’s 박서원, MarketO’s 노희영, KUHO’s 정구호. These people who reached the heights in their field. They said that their feats were leaded by doing without any bias and the eyes. Of course, learning to the advice of family and friends can lead us to reduce our time, fault; however, The problem is that Almost people already give themselves up their goals 97 of a thousand their dreams.