Michelle Lesco is a 52-kilogram petite woman.

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Jun 25, 2014 13:29
Michelle Lesco is a 52-kilogram petite woman.
However, she ate up 28 hot dogs in a competition in the suburbs of Chicago and won the championship.

Lesco is from Arizona and a 115-pound (52kg) competitive eater.
The Daily Herald reported that she got the ticket to the national competition that will be held at Coney Island in NY on July 4th.

For the competition in NY, preliminary rounds have been held more than a dozen of cities.
One of them was held in Bloomingdale 20 miles away from Chicago on Saturday.
Eight competitive eaters competed in who ate the most hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Lesco defeated Eric Booker dubbed "Badlands", who devoured 27 hot dogs, and set the new record in Illinois.
His weight is four times as much as hers.

After the victory, she said, "I almost burp."
― A Japanese article ―

レスコさんはアリゾナ生まれ、体重115ポンド (52.16キログラム) の大食い競争選手。彼女はニューヨークのコニーアイランドで7月4日に開催される全国大会への出場資格を獲得した。『デイリー・ヘラルド』が報じた。