A environmental group strongly condemns selenium pollution by the m...

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Dec 31, 2013 09:19
A environmental group strongly condemns selenium pollution by the mining industry for having a bad effect on sheep and cows.
However, an executive of the group was accused of poaching tow elks and he pleaded guilty.

The executive was Marv Hoyt, who was the Idaho director of Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
When he went to Caribou County in November, he illegally shot two elks.
He will resign as the director of the GYC soon.
He shot three elks even though he had a licence to hunt only one elk.
He left two dead elks in the site.
At first, he told a lie in an investigation.
He admitted poaching and unnecessarily shooting wild animals.
He was sentenced to 30 days in jail with suspended sentence, fined $2,100, ordered to pay $2,750 for the restitution, placed on four-year probation, and ordered to serve a 32-hour community service.
He was also deprived of his hunting licence.