Two four-year-old girls were switched at birth and raised by not bi...

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Jun 17, 2014 12:25
Two four-year-old girls were switched at birth and raised by not biological parents.
An official announced on May 28 that a court in South Africa will decide how the two girls should be nurtured.
One mother hopes to exchange the girls, but the other hopes to not to do.

The girls were born at the same hospital in Johannesburg on the same day.
The hospital admitted the mix-up, but they didn't provide the causes of it.
Both parents hadn't realized the mix-up until one mother did a paternity test.
She did the test because her ex-husband didn't acknowledged the paternity and rejected to provide the child support.

On the other hand, the other mother doesn't want to swap the girls.
Therefore, The court will decide whether the girls should be back to their biological parents.
― A Japanese article ―