An ordinary eating out guidebook tells you where you can eat delici...

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Dec 30, 2013 20:51
An ordinary eating out guidebook tells you where you can eat delicious dishes.
On the other hand, on December 19th, a Catholic group in Italy published a guidebook that tells you where you can eat food for free.\
The group that issued the guidebook called by the local media "Michelin Guide for the poor" was the Community of Sant'Egidio, which has been nominated as Nobel Peace Prize.
13,000 copies of the latest 2014 version were issued.
The economic crisis hit Rome, the capital of Italy, which caused the number of homeless people to go up.
The 227-page guidebook featured the places where food is offered free of charge for such people.
After reading the guidebook, you can get to know about 68 facilities that offer food for free, 42 shelters where you can stay at night, 16 bath facilities, and the places where you can receive a medical treatment or councering.
According to the group, there are approximately 8,000 homeless people in Rome, which has increased by 10% for the past couple of years.
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