A 19-year-old man who had been involved in a three-car accident tol...

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Jun 18, 2014 16:46
A 19-year-old man who had been involved in a three-car accident told an investigator that he held his breath while driving through a tunnel and then he fainted.

According to the Oregon police, Daniel J. Calhon in Washington passed out while holding his breath in the Highway 26 tunnel on Sunday afternoon.
His car, a 1990 Toyota Camry, crossed the centerline and crashed head-on with a Ford Explorer.
After the two cars collided with the tunnel walls, a pickup hit the Camry.

Calhon and his 19-year-old passenger, Bradley Meyring, were injured, but this was not life-threatening.
The two people in the Explorer were in similar conditions; the two people in the pickup were not hurt.

Police Officer Gregg Hastings said on Monday that he didn't know why Calhon held his breath in the tunnel, but some people do for a game or a superstition.
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カルフーンと、同乗していたブラッドリー・メイリン (19) は、けがを負ったが命に別状はない。エクスプローラーに乗っていたふたりも同様だ。