A 28-year-old man allegedly robbed a woman at a ferry terminal in W...

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Jun 26, 2014 10:31
A 28-year-old man allegedly robbed a woman at a ferry terminal in Washington and the next day, he tried to friend her on Facebook.

The Kitsap Sun reported that Riley Allen Mullins was charged with second-degree robbery in Kitsap District Court on Friday.

According to the authorities, when the woman was sitting at the Bremerton ferry terminal with her headphone, someone hit her on the head from behind.
The man seized her iPod and bag and ran off.
She didn't recognize him, but she noticed his triangular tattoo on his neck.

The following day of the incidence, she received a Facebook friend notification and recognized the sender as the man who struck her.
Investigators confirmed that the Facebook account was Mullins'.
He showed his tattoo on the neck on his Facebook profile.
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