A Salvation Army officer picked up a bag containing $125,000 cash t...

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Jun 23, 2014 11:28
A Salvation Army officer picked up a bag containing $125,000 cash that an armed truck dropped.
He reported it to the police and would receive a reward.

Joe Cornell, 52, told The Fresno Bee that the bag was left when the armed truck pulled away from a red light.
"I cried and shook. I wasn't able to decide what I should do. I came up with good and evil things," said Cornell.
Imminent arrival of his fourth grandchild led him to make up his mind.
"When I thought what I want her to think of me, I became determined," he said.
He called his boss and said that he found the cash in the bag.

A company that runs the armed truck said, "We don't know how the bag fell. It is a security issue."
The company announced that they would give Cornell a $5,000 reward and donate $5,000 to the Salvation Army.
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