Two diamond rings and a wedding band were stolen from a jewelry sho...

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Jun 16, 2014 16:33
Two diamond rings and a wedding band were stolen from a jewelry shop in Kingston, London.
However, a great clue was leftーsuspect's cellphone was left behind at the shop and its screensaver was his photoー.

Thanks to the cellphone, the police arrested the 27-year-old culprit, Germain Ibrahim Fofana.
The police believe that he should also be involved in other jewelry heists, so they are investigating him.

According to the police, Fofana entered the jewelry shop with woman pushing a baby buggy, and they looked at engagement rings.
He returned 30 minutes later and checked the rings again.
Then he ran off with the rings and left his cellphone behind.

The total amount of the damage was 18,000 pounds ($30,000).
― A Japanese article ―



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