Visiting Amsterdam

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Jul 27, 2014 17:39
Visiting Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam with my friend. Although it was second visit for me, there were still a lot of places which I had not been to and I should see.
Especially, although I should visit Anne Frank House last time, a too long cue prevented me from visiting. We stood in the cue for an hour and finally we got in. I think the story of Anne Frank was not a problem of one country, but a problem of the human history. We should know it. It was a small building consisted of small rooms. Some of them were big and the others were small. They were connected each other in complex ways, like a maze. It must be a terrible experience to live in with a threat to life. You should see it if you can.
I was interested in Dutch pancakes. I ate it in London at first: It was so nice. I wanted to eat real ones in Holland. Our guidebook listed many famous pancake shops in Amsterdam. We chose one of them near Anne Frank House and went there. It was a small and pretty cafe-like restaurant. We enjoyed real Dutch pancakes. It was something more than pancakes which I knew. You cannot stay Amsterdam without eating ones.
Kroket is another famous food in Holland. It was a kind of fried mashed potatoes. It seems a kind of fast foods. We can find vending machines to sell them. It looked like a small coin-operated locker consisted of small drawers. Each drawer contains one Kroket. We enjoyed not only the taste but also the vending system.
We also visited Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: a museum which displayed "The Night Watch" drawn by Rembrandt van Rijn. It was a really huge painting and the depiction of the painting showed his unique taste.
Although we did not have enough time to visit Amsterdam, we fully enjoyed it.
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