Guess how much I paid for a concert?

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Oct 30, 2009 11:01
Guess how much I paid for a concert? "50 yen"!!
I paid 50 yen for two tickets. Yesterday I went to a show "Akira Fuse" with my friend.
About a month ago, I found small tips (or news?) in the newspaper; it says 5 couples will be invited for the show " Fuse Akira", so I sent a postcard. I didn't expect I would got the tickets, and I almost forgot about it, but I got an invitation card last week. Lucky me!
"Akira Fuse" in his 60s was one of my favorite singers when I was young and saw his concerts several times. Those days his songs were energetic ,romantic and nice. But strangely what I remember now is his shining hair and beautiful fingertips. Thirty years later last night, the show started from a song"Let me fall" ( by Josh Groban, wow!, he is one of my favorite singers!), he acted monologue as a downhill actor with songs.( I wanted to say" 彼は売れない役者を演じながら、歌を歌いひとりしばいをした”but, I couldn't do well what I really want to say...)
Of course I enjoyed his long lasting songs such as " Fragrance of Cyclamen(シクラメンのかほり)and "霧の摩周湖(ましゅうこ)".

Besides that, subtitle of this year's show is"思ふ、思ふ”and in the show, he said,"Please enjoy this moment looking back your own lives". It's difficult to translate the kanzi"思ふ、思ふ"into English.
All the show was covered with this theme, and there was a drama in there.
At the encore, he sang" Etude Op.10.No.3" in Italian.
He became more attractive(? or nice), and the show has taste of mature person.
When people are young, they are shining and beautiful just as they are, but it is nice to be attractive in their later life.
To be nice or indecent , it appears on person's face and atmosphere, right?

PS. Olivia Hussey is his ex-wife and he lived in the USA for ten years while they were married.