Pet peeve

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Aug 4, 2009 10:20
What is you pet peeve in your life?
People who smoke on the road or at the restaurant?
People who use cell phone in the subway?
People who drive rough driving? (This sounds weird. I wanted to say'乱暴な運転をする’。)
Or your neighbors or co-workers?

Usually I don't irritate so much, and I think I'm rather patient for things in my daily life.
One of my pet peeves is cigarette butts.
Mu house is next to women's health clinic and is beside the main road( I wanted to say' 道路に面している’.).
A lot of patients visit the office and every Saturday most of them come with their husbands or partners. While waiting, husbands and partners smoke cigarettes and throw cigarette butts away in front of my house!
Actually I sweep the sidewalk every morning, so it might be okay, but still it irritates me a little bit.
Another one of my pet peeves is " crows".
Recently, I see crows fluttering and stopping the branch.( I wanted to say,'飛び回って枝に止まっている',but I couldn't find the proper expression.)
They pick the garbage bags and tear open, spreading trashes.
I cover the garbage with newspapers, but still they tear!
It is a big problem around my area, and maybe I need to cover garbage bags with fine-mesh nets.

So what is your pet peeve?