West Side Story

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Jul 28, 2009 12:28
George Chakaris in the musica movie was shining in my youth.
When I watched this musical movie for the first time about thirty years ago, I was thrilled with his charismatic beauty(←Is it weird? should I say ' appeal' or other word?) and actors with their amazing dances and songs.
The story itself is very simple; it is based on "Romeo and Juliet", and a love story of a native-born Polish boy(Tony) and a Puerto Rican girl (Maria) newly arrived in America, and conflicts between two teenage gangs of different ethnic and cultural background,'Jets and Sharks' ( ←It was a bit difficult to explain two points , conjunction.)

This time I had a chance to watch the musical; the production is holding a show in Japan as an 50th anniversary of "West Side Story".
One of my friends asked me to watch it(誘ってくれた) and she kindly got tickets for us, so I enjoyed the show this Sunday( I mean 26th this month. Should I say' last Sunday' or just 'Sunday'?) with five people(I wanted to say ’5人で)
The show was exhilaratingly danced and sung. Dances were powerful, popping, and dynamic, and song were beautiful , romantic and energetic!
Luckily, our seats were unbelievably good, the front row. Between the show, we had a chance to talk with a member of orchestra Yes! We enjoyed talking with him in English. Furthermore, after the show, we happened to see dancers including Maria at the restaurant again. Lucky us!
We spoke to them and shook hands and enjoyed talks with them a bit. That was really nice moment for us.
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