Do the benefits of genetically modified crops out weight the dangers?

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Jul 17, 2009 21:56
I'm talking with my self-study group members about the topic above tomorrow, so I tried writing my journal.
I am required to use"economic impact, Global warming, Government regulations and human health.

Recently, because of the global warming and other reasons, a lot of people in developing countries suffer from the shortage of foods and poverty.
Climate change triggered by the global warming are expected to change weather patterns and make worse developing countries' difficulties. World populations are also expected to increase, so we are going to need a lot more foods in a much more environmentally sustainable way.
To solve these problems, government needs to help farmers to cultivate various kinds of plants that could become food sauces. To take genetically modified crops into consideration is one option, I think.
There are a lot of benefits in them; they ensure a lot more foods.
Yet, it is also true there are a lot of controversial discussions about GM crops, mainly about its safety relating to human health. To make it clear this point, Government regulations are required, and long-term testing is needed to ensure it's safety. Long term effects are not yet known, but once it became clear, economic impact would be enormous.
Personally I want to avoid buying GM foods at the moment.