Two different T’s ~ Tsinghua & Todai 6

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Apr 26, 2013 10:59
Next, I’d like to explain about studying abroad. During my stay in Tsinghua, I met a lot of students who hope to study abroad to get PhD degree. It seems that Tsinghua students assume that going for PhD in foreign countries is also good career. However, in Todai, there are few students who expect to study abroad. It is because taking PhD degree in other countries is not so attractive for them. Now, most of the students do not want to become researcher in other countries, so there is less incentive for them to study abroad. These are the two differences about careers, the difference of society affects the mind of each student’s mind of career.
By the way, now, the most popular companies for Todai students to work for are foreign consulting firms and investment banks. Also to become bureaucrats is still popular too. Next to that are the famous domestic companies.