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you are stronger and stronger. ^.^
Jul 11, 2011 11:49 大冰坨子 こおり commented on Help Me! :O
Ohhhh, I'm late for the coversation!!! :( About the benifits of choosing Chinese, I agree with others. I won't say which one i...
Jul 10, 2011 22:27 Lavender made 9 corrections for 动词
小笑进步很大!继续努力!加油!O(∩_∩)O 希望我的修改对你有帮助~☆
Jul 8, 2011 22:13 Lavender commented on Help Me! :O
Dear小笑,I have just read your journal and I think I can understand your trouble now~O(∩_∩)O *═—═—═—**═—═—═—* As far as I know,your Ja...
Jul 8, 2011 18:07 commented on Help Me! :O
え!私に会いたいの?きゃ~嬉しいこと言ってくれるね(。◠‿◠。✿)ぅんぅん 京都に来るときは連絡してね。
Jul 8, 2011 14:36 蛤蟆 commented on Help Me! :O
> But Japanese is not popular with American business. 残念ですね。 でも、アメリカに行く日本人は皆英語を勉強しているので、アメリカ人が日本語を勉強する必要はあまりないのかもしれませんね。 > The...
Jul 8, 2011 14:24 commented on Help Me! :O
May 31, 2011 10:49 KEN0405 made 13 corrections for 輸入品 
good work!!
Mar 4, 2011 16:36 Ichigo-c commented on 輸入品 
I read "隠の王". I enjoyed it! So, I'd like to read your comment after you read the comic book.
Mar 3, 2011 06:22 蛤蟆 made 4 corrections for 輸入品 
輸入だと、送料が高そうですね。 でもアマゾンなら、世界中に支店があるので、あまり掛からないのでしょうか? 私は、アメリカ製の耳栓を使っていますが、輸入しようとすると一度に買える 最低の量が多すぎるので、ヤフーオークションで小分けして売ってくれる人から 少しずつ買って...
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Your Japanese is almost perfect! 友達のお勧めは素晴らしいですね!
Feb 27, 2011 21:55 Lavender commented on 雑誌の文章(最後!)
Hi~Good boy!☆I have just read your great essay and it really moved me.I am so surprised to know that you are a teacher now~It is amazing!...
Feb 26, 2011 12:15 made 12 corrections for 雑誌の文章(最後!)
Hi, 牛juice. I tried to correct your journal again and again yesterday, but my corrections dissapeared over and over. XD It was because ...
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会談より会話という言葉を使うのが良いかと思います。 会話が日本において一般的だからです。 I think you should use kaiwa better than kaidan. Because Common to use a kaiwa in Japan...
Feb 24, 2011 13:09 Mike made 1 corrections for 雑誌の文章(3)
Feb 24, 2011 11:18 xiaoya commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
Keep learning and I believe that you will get a high score next time! You also give me the courage to keep going on my own dream!
Feb 24, 2011 10:44 美璃 made 10 corrections for 雑誌の文章(2)
ちょっと長いので半分だけ直しましたが、 もし意味が違っていたら言ってくださいね。
Feb 24, 2011 10:33 tomo made 21 corrections for 雑誌の文章(2)
Feb 24, 2011 09:52 Mike commented on 雑誌の文章(2)
Which WA? You mean the one in the PNW? For me, I think I started listening to the music in middle school, but I couldn't understand m...
Feb 24, 2011 00:28 Lavender commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
你好,小笑~O(∩_∩)OI am sorry to hear that you didn’t pass the test.But it doesn’t matter ,I believe you will do it better next time!☆As we kno...
Feb 24, 2011 00:07 Rann commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
jacob!久しぶり~! 残念だね…日本語うまいのに… 私なりのノーハウを言うと、とりあえず聞く! アニメ、ドラマ、映画、ラジオ何でもいい。 そして好きの部分は何回でもリピートして聞ちゃう~ 言葉の感覚がつかめてきたら、それからは楽だよ♪ 日本語を楽しめるいい方...
Feb 23, 2011 22:01 大冰坨子 こおり commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
^^ 加油!牛汁儿!支持你! 我可能会经常用中文给你留言,为了帮你复习中文。^^ 不过“专注”挺重要的,希望你下次通过JLPT-1!! 日本語を頑張ってくださいね!みんな、応援していますよ。 哈哈,照片很帅!:D Why aren't you ...
Feb 23, 2011 17:16 蛤蟆 commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
I'd like to support you. Let's study each other. I must study English for work, but I study Chinese every day...
Feb 23, 2011 13:07 Tomo commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
I can see you put a lot of effort into Japanese test. So, you can proud of yourself. I'm rooting for you and hope your dream will ...
Feb 23, 2011 12:40 Cincle commented on A Letter to All My Friends :)
I'm sorry hear that you didn't get it. ;__; Hang in there. Yes. I agree with you. I also think you can't be successful witho...
Feb 20, 2011 04:30 Mike commented on How I Study Japanese {English}
Do you know where I can get some of these books?
Feb 20, 2011 00:04 Seraph commented on 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
Oh I like her too. She has a very warm vocal. I like her another song "陪我看日出".
Feb 19, 2011 21:36 Aileentang made 14 corrections for 我學習《草》|我学习《草》
it is not easy to let you understand chiese peoms just like it is hard to me to translate the chinese peom to english. you are doing gr...
Feb 9, 2011 00:20 Lavender made 4 corrections for 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
小笑,你好!O(∩_∩)O这首歌真好听,歌词写得很美。谢谢你愿意和大家分享!Thank you for your beautiful song~I love your edition of the lyrics~Very nice!❤“Guitar”用中文说是“吉他”,其实...
Feb 8, 2011 00:39 Mali made 3 corrections for 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
Feb 7, 2011 23:01 蛤蟆 commented on 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
真是好聽的歌曲啊~~ 牛さんなら韓国語バージョンも勉強するでしょうね。 頑張ってくださいね。
Feb 7, 2011 12:14 乖乖花花 made 5 corrections for 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
牛juice. 我都没听过这个女生的歌也。
Feb 7, 2011 07:37 Mike commented on 蔡淳佳的Yesterday的歌詞
I've heard this song in Korean, but maybe this is the original.
Feb 6, 2011 12:32 乖乖花花 commented on Who Am I? (English)
牛juice. It seems you are a hard worker and have confidence in life. I think you treat everyone very kingly, although I never talked to yo...
Jan 26, 2011 03:48 ゼッパン made 1 corrections for 勧めの歌と歌手、手伝いませんか?
もう解散したバンドですが、私のお気に入りで、「たま」。 言葉遊びの歌詞の多いバンドでしたが、聞きやすいものがYouTubeにありました。 2曲続きです。1曲目の歌詞が下のアドレスにあります。2曲目もしんみりして良いです。
Jan 25, 2011 20:35 masae commented on 勧めの歌と歌手、手伝いませんか? 奥田民生がおすすめです(^-^) I'm a big fun of him.
Jan 25, 2011 16:32 kirari made 1 corrections for 勧めの歌と歌手、手伝いませんか?
Please look at my diary. (^-^) 同じ「虹」で 福山雅治さんです♪
Jan 25, 2011 13:33 bangbang commented on "National Honor Societ...
YES!What a nice surprise! Congratulations! !!! 真的恭喜你呀!真得很高兴的消息!你的父母肯定会骄傲你! 祝贺你! 更加油! 정말 축하 드립니다! 너무 기분 좋은 소식이네요! 부모님께서 너무 자랑스러워 하시겠네요!
Jan 25, 2011 10:34 Cincle commented on "National Honor Societ...
Wow! Good for you!
Jan 25, 2011 08:55 Mike commented on "National Honor Societ...
Good job! It's actually really good that you got in. You'll probably get some medals/awards for the NHS during graduation.
Jan 16, 2011 16:11 Eniko made 2 corrections for 我學習《草》|我学习《草》
Jan 15, 2011 22:48 Lavender made 5 corrections for 我學習《草》|我学习《草》
小笑,你好~O(∩_∩)O The full name of this poem《草》 is 《赋得古原草送别》~ I am glad that you like Chinese poems and learn them so well~☆ There is no d...