Yakushima camp

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Aug 27, 2011 22:05

Yakushima camp was very interesting time!!
I was realized that Yakushima is living.
At least I felt so.

The Weather of Yakushima was changing very rapidly during the Yakushima.
Sunny and Cloudy and Rain.
The difficult thing kept always same weather.
Like a feeling of human.
I thought that the nature is living.

I went to many many interesting spot!!
I don't memorized all this name lol
But, That's very beautiful.
When we go the mountain, we saw monkey and deer and fall and the 紀元杉.
紀元杉 was very big and huge.
The landscape was superb.
We will never see outside Yakushima.

Most beautifully,Under the sea.
I tried snorkel the first time.
Until now I could not swim,but I became can swim!!
That's great steps!!,,,for me☆
And I went to sea in the under the sea with Gakuintyo.
When I see the landscape , I lost my word.
Anyway,That's very beautiful.
You won't to know if you can the landscape.

Well...I had a good time♪
I want to go to the Yakushima again!!