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Jan 18, 2009 03:14
So, this week i started doing temporary work at the college book store, and I met one of my college professors and they told me my research paper on food and culture was great, and they asked if i was interested in doing work study in the kitchen with them, with other chefs.

I felt so blessed, because now I get to learn more from my professors, and now I think i will have a job after the book store rush is over!

Sadly a few days later, my boyfriend of 2 years has broken up with me, because he said our differences in hobbies and interests were changing alot, and we had less to talk about. I cried alot when he told me, but I haven't cried anymore since then, which makes me feel stronger. We have broken up twice before, and i was so sick from it. I still love him as a friend and in the future after we accomplish new things in life, maybe we will work out our differences. For now, we are both still very young. I do not want to put him through alot of stress when I travel to Japan to study, so this is also good. (Maybe I will get a chance to date and meet new people!)

I am more motivated to get healthier and work harder to save money for Japan.

Even though I am veryyy veryyy sad, I'm excited to find myself and see how well I function with my own identity.

One of the main things that have been making me happy, has been music and friends. I will post some music videos that I have been watching to make me feel better!

Film-Aphex Twin

Lift the Fog Up-(Japanese American Rapper-Shing02)

Ride on Shooting Star-The Pillows( I <3 FLCL)


this strange combination of music has put me in a good mood!