Too sad to write this in Japanese

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Dec 22, 2008 14:02
So, as some of you know from my other journals, I have a part time job at at a department store. I was hired, but they may fire me or get rid of mebecause....I didn't get enough people to apply for credit cards....They set a goal for me every month, and there is only about a week left in December...and i think i only have 6....Uhm....I've been asking people all the time, but when people say ''no'' they mean it. We are in a canthey expect for me to get so many.
My boss just told me my goal is at around 20 or am i going to do this in just a week?!
If I get fired...I really won't have anyway to make money, because not many people are hiring at all after the holidays....

I have to hurry and save up money so I can have it to use for a JapaneseLanguage school that costs 500 dollars a semester!

This has really got me down... = [