URGENTLY! I need help!

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Jun 24, 2011 18:51
What is right in resume?

резюме = resume or summary
опыт работы = professional expirience
навыки (умения)= computer skills or qualification
образование = education
саморазвитие(as a person)= self-development or self - growth or self - evolution or self - education
одна из четырех лучших студентов, закончивших данный курс - one of the top four graduates of this course
мягкая мебель = ... furniture
бухгалтер первой категории = accountant first category or first class accountant
техническое задание (in development) =
книга продаж = sales book or book sales

what parts have to be in resume?
Im translating my resume in English now...

Can you help me...?