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  • You'd better bring your mind to do what you have to do now.
  • You should concentrate on what you have to do right now.
  • Please refrain from complaining in my lesson because I'm hurt my feelings.
  • Please refrain from complaining in my lesson because it hurts my feelings.
  • I Don't Listen to His Complain Any More!
  • I Won't Listen to His Complaints Anymore!
  • 2 Tom's letter should have set Kana thinking about him.
  • 2 Tom's letter must have set Kana thinking about him.
  • I may be misunderstanding 「はずだ」, but this seems more natural to me. What it means is that the speaker of the sentence knows that Kana has been thinking about Tom, and suggests that Tom's letter probably caused this. The word "should" means that the speaker of the sentence thinks Kana has a moral obligation to think about Tom because of his letter. This seems odd to me. The sentence still doesn't feel entirely natural to me, but I can't really say why. I would certainly understand it if I heard it.

Sep 2, 2013 21:27 Public Practice Making Sentences
  • 4 His father's death sets Ken considering about his mother forced living alone.
  • 4 His father's death forced Ken to consider his bereaved (/widowed) mother's future.
  • 「彼の父親の死に考えさせられた」って感じになりますが、「set ~ to thinking」はこの場合、不自然に聞こえます。なぜなら、何かがきかけ・刺激になって考え始める時に使う表現で「他の人・他の場面だったらあまり深く考えなかったかもしれません」の意味も含まれていると思うからです。番組を見たからだれでも地球温暖化を真剣に考えるとは言えない、同じ言葉を言われて気にならない奥さんもいるかもしれません。ところが、一人になったお母さんのことを考えない息子はあまりにも酷くて僕は「set ~ to thinking」を不自然に聞こえたかもしれません。
set ... ing

Sep 2, 2013 21:19 Public Practice Making Sentences
  • Although we didn't go around, we used to get along well and make jokes in our school days.
  • Although we didn't go out with each other, we used to get along well and make jokes in our school days.
  • I assume that by "didn't go around" you mean that you weren't dating each other, and weren't romantically involved. I haven't heard the phrase "go around" used for this. The phrase "go out (with someone)" is often used.

Aug 11, 2013 10:51 Public An Old Classmate
  • When I was the fan in doubt, there WAS the sticker that a woman is turning on it with her foot.
  • When I checked the fan in question, sure enough, there was a sticker of a woman is turning it on with her foot.
Either the original entry has been deleted or you don't have access to it.
For comparison, consider the sentence "Derek found an ideal person to teach him English." Notice that "person" performs the action of teaching. As ceaer-san pointed out, the sentence "Derek found an ideal environment to learn foreign lan...
Derek found an ideal environment in which to learn foreign languages.

Jul 27, 2013 15:44 Public Question!
  • Out of My Hand
  • Too Much for Me
  • I am guessing what your intended meaning might have been. There are two set phrases in English close to what you wrote, and I think neither of them fits. Saying that a situation is "out of hand" means that it is no longer possible to control it. This is probably what you meant-- the weeds are out of control-- but one does not say "out of my hand". Saying that something is "out of my hands" means that it is not your responsibility, although it may have been at one time. This seems unlikely to be your intended meaning.

Jul 22, 2013 09:19 Public Out of My Hand

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