Names Often Slip from My Mind

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Nov 27, 2013 22:42
I sometimes can't say the name of my acquaintances or celebrities these days.
I read about Mild Cognitive Impairment in the newspaper yesterday, and I am worried that I might be MCI.
I've tried to remember a tanka (Japanese traditional short poem that is made about one thousand years ago) since this afternoon to activate my brain, but I can't remember it even now.
I think the cause is that the words are quite different from modern Japanese.
The following is the poem:

Archaic words
嘆(なげ)けとて 月やはものを 思わする
かこち顔なる わが涙(なみだ)かな       西行法師(さいぎょうほうし)

Modern words(現代語訳)
(I feel like the moon tell me to morn and it makes me meditate.
No, I know that I pine for my lover and my tears are flowing. )

I can say the words without seeing letters several times, but I can't remember entire words after one hour.