Conversation With My Dog

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Nov 19, 2012 11:56
I watched the news program that the Speaker of the House of Representative declared, "The House of Representatives is dissolved by Article 7 of the Constitution."
I studied about the Constitution in my school days but I don't remember well.
Somehow, the word; "Article 7" left an impression on me.

When I went to my garden to hang the laundries outside, my dog, Maru, approached me.
I talked to him, "Maru-kun, do you know Article 7?"
He looked up at me and made a sweet sound like a human.
His eyes were so cute that I talked to him more, "Your father complained that you ignored him. Did you?"
Then a carpenter who worked for my house got out of the restroom in my garden.
I was embarrassed that he must have heard the conversation between Maru and me.
So I said to him with a smile, "I always talk to my dog."
He smiled to hear that.
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