The Memory of My Cute Boy

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Nov 16, 2012 15:50
My husband and I like to eat some snacks after the meal even though it's not good for our health.
He said, "あと 一個だけ(ikko dake) 食べよう: I'll eat just one more," when he was eating some nuts after today's lunch.
His words suddenly recalled the memory of my younger son's childhood.

When my younger son was around three, he used to ask me for another snack after eating all his snacks.
He said to me again and again, "いっこあけ(ikko ake): One more" because he couldn't pronounce "da" in those days.
My little boy looked up stretching his arms to me, sometimes jumping, said the words "ikko ake."
How cute he was!

I said to my husband about the story and he also remembered it.
He heartily said, "We had lively happy days when our kids were little."
I think I was too busy to notice the happiness surrounding our kids in those days.