A Strategy of Handling Your Husband

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Nov 10, 2012 16:12
A homemaker contributed discontent about her husband in the newspaper.
The following was advice from the commentator .

"It's difficult to change the mind of others.
Therefore I have to change my mind."
You're right, especially for husband and wife.
However you need a strategy.
If your husband wouldn't cut disturbing branches though you asked him, you should try to cut them.
Stand on a stepladder and use shears clumsily.
Sometimes shout, "Help me!"
After a while, your husband will notice that it's dangerous to make you cut branches.
In other words, pull him into the work using an attitude that I can't do anything without your help.
Don't forget saying to your husband, "Thank you, honey.You can do it better than I."

Do you think it will work?