Th feelings of parents: 親の気持ち

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Nov 4, 2012 17:19
While I was walking my dog in this morning, I talked with my neighbor, who is around seventy.
He talked about one of his acquaintances.

The man got married about ten years ago, and he doesn't have any children.
He said to my neighbor, "We prevent pregnancy because we don't want to have a child.
We would need a lot of money to bring up a child. Even though we would raise a child, he or she wouldn't always take care of his/her parents. That's why we don't need any children, and then we can use our money for ourselves."

My husband and I used a lot of money for our three kids, and all of them left home.
I'm not sure what they will do when we get much older.
Their existence made me mother and I have been able to learn many things raising my kids.
I'm glad if one of them live with us in the future.
However, it's okay no one live with us.
After all, as long as they are happy, I'm also happy.
I think parents are commonly like that.