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Aug 30, 2019 10:35
I live in countryside with my husband and we have another house that my parents
-in-low used to live.
So, we tried to be officially registered as a host on "Airbnb."
I went to City Hal if it's okay we can run a private inn; Minpaku:民泊 or not.
Since they said, "No problem if you complete whole paperwork," I thought it wouldn't be difficult.

When I went to the fire station to get permission, 4 men talked with me because it was the first time for them to give permission for Minpaku. One of them was using a thick book to check up about the rule.
A few days later, two men came home to check the house that we want to use for Minpaku.
After checking the house, they told me detailed rules with some paper.
I found that we had to use at least 100,000 yen to buy fire board and a fire alarm.
So we gave up.

There are about 850 vacant houses in my city, though......