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Jul 17, 2012 23:41
Okuno Atsushi,49 is a hemiplegia singer.
He debuted as a vocal of a rock band in 1980's.
In 2008 when he helped to scrap a building, he dropped down from the roof and was damaged his spinal.

He cried when he remembered brilliant himself on the stage, but he couldn't wipe his tears by himself.
He thought that he want to die.
He started tweeting to inspire himself at that time.
Many people has been encouraged by his tweets, and he has more than 4,000 followers now.
A publishing company found him and his first book; "いろいろあるさ 生きてっからね:Various things will happen because I am alive" will be sold on July 20.

His book will be able to encourage more people.