Octoberfest in LA

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Oct 14, 2014 20:21
Last Sunday evening, our family went to Oktoberfest in a shopping and dining area featuring Germany, called “Alpine village”.
We had never visited the area near our house, although we had been interested in the traditional old German country style buildings.
The fest has been being held in a big temporary tent in the area for one month.
Inside the tent, there were tables for many hundreds customers, the big performance stage, food and beer stations and souvenir shop.
My wife and I drunk some kinds of good German beer.
Unfortunately, all foods including German sausage which my kids had been looked for eating so much, were run out because the fest ended at 6pm on Sunday.
However, the lively and happy stage performance such as dancing and singing, some of which involved all customers in the tent, made our family enjoy the fest.
It was a good family event.
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