Education Program for Globalization

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Jun 24, 2011 20:00
Japanese young people don’t want to work abroad in general.
On the other hand most of Japanese companies can’t live without globalizing them.
They are seeking for a good way to educate their young employee as a global business person.
When I attended an international tradeshow last month, I felt my lack of abilities for English and negotiation.
At the same time I thought the tradeshow is a good occasion to polish those my abilities.
I’m thinking about an education program using tradeshow in the US for Japanese companies.
In the program, the participants take a lecture about negotiation and English in order to take part in a tradeshow.
In the tradeshow they will gather information as a researcher of a consulting company that introduces exhibiting company’s products to Japanese market.
We sell a tour including this program to Japanese companies.
I will talk about this idea with my colleagues tomorrow.
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