The Second Day of The Exhibition

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May 25, 2011 23:36
Today was the second day of the exhibition.
It started at breakfast with managers of a big hotel chain at 7:00.
After breakfast business negotiations in the exhibition began.
We met seventeen suppliers.
In evening, a big party was held at a museum, "California Academy of the Science.
It was the most huge and gorgeous event I have ever joined.
First of all we got on the bus from the staying hotel guided by staffs who were dressed in costumes like flight attendants with tickets like boading pass.
At the entrance some performers welcomed us and there were stalls that served delicious Latin cusines and a stage where Salsa dance and music were being performed.
Inside the building airflight companies organized a each themed party.
UA sponsored "Experience Asia party".
Virgin sponsored "Culture club party".
Lufthansa suponsored "German beer garden party".
Air France suponsored "First Club lounge".
All of them were cool and exciting.
I wish our company could plan, arrange and operate this kind of parties as our business in future.