The First Day of The Exhibition

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May 24, 2011 22:35
Today was the first day of the exhibition.
It started from the breakfast with the Japanese attendees at 6:30.
In the morning, I and my colleague visited seven booths each for 20 minutes by turns in accordance with signal sound.
A few thousands attendees had a lunch at the same time at the same venue at the same menu listenning organizers' speeches and enjoying live performances.
It was a huge lunch party so that I couldn't complain about that poor cold meal.
After the lunch we restarted visiting. We met seven suppliers in the afternoon.
After the negotiations we joined three standing parties held by global hotel chains and big tourism offices.
Then finally we took part in a sitting party at a good restaurant held by a tourism office. It was delicious seafood and steak dinner with good Californian wine.
It was a long day.