Promise with My Three Year Old Son

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Sep 25, 2013 19:57
I heard from my wife that our three year old son didn’t want to go to the preschool recently.
He seemed to cry his eyes out every morning.
He started to go to the school at the beginning of this month.
Until the start of the school, he had looked forward to going to the preschool.
Last night, I made a chance to talk with him about his school refusal.
First of all, I listened to his excuse why he cried a lot every morning.
He replied that he couldn’t stand being apart from mother for a moment.
I accepted his feeling and asked another question if there was something fun at the preschool.
He replied that playing with a few friends was fun.
I proposed him to make more friends, which would entertain him more than now.
Furthermore, I advised that if he wanted to cry, deep breathing would make you feel easy.
He made a promise with me to go to the school voluntarily without crying today.
I hope he will keep the promise.