Steak House "Fleming's"

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Sep 28, 2013 20:58
Yesterday, I attended a meeting, in which all of our group companies’ managements in America area including Hawaii and Canada took part in.
After the meeting, we, more than twenty people, had dinner together.
The restaurant was “Fleming’s”, which is a chain steak house in the US.
The prime ribeye, which I ordered was tender, fresh, well-seasoned and delicious.
Their wine selection was various and a red wine, which my colleague chose from the selection was perfect with the juicy meat.
The atmosphere created with the classic but trendy architecture and interior decoration got us in good mode to have a lively conversation.
I learned the chain has a good video conference system.
The private rooms of the Fleming’s 63 restaurants in the U.S. can be connected with the video system each other.
We can have a meeting at a Fleming’s private room with the other people in a distant Fleming’s private room through the video screen as if they were in the same room.
It was a good system.
Our company is focusing on the meeting business now.
We may introduce our corporate customers which have branches in the US.