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Aug 24, 2014 20:22
Yesterday, I took part in an event held by the alumni association in LA of the university which I graduated from.
The dean of the university joined the event from Japan and made an one hour speech about how he is trying to globalize the university.
His way of globalization was unique based on our university’s philosophy, all-round education, created by the founder.
It was interesting that he pointed out two features of the university, which they can use as the resource for the globalization.
They were Christianity, which is the religion of the university, and Kyoto, where the university is located.
Thanks to the Christianity, the students can learn about minority view in Japan, at the same time the students can share the majority notion in western culture.
Thanks to the location in Kyoto, the various students gather to the university from the world and the students can experience Japanese traditional culture which identifies Japan.
I agreed with his ideas.