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Dec 25, 2012 00:59
I’m staying at a hotel in San Diego.
At the midnight of last night during my sleeping, somebody entered into our room and left without saying. I woke up with the intruder’s sound. I was scared of it. A few minutes later, somebody knocked on the door. It was a hotel manager. He asked me to bring my ID and room key. He said the room was assigned to other guest in their computer. However the room number which was written on the envelop of the room key was the number of the room which we are staying at. He apologized to us and left our room.
I remembered our room key hadn’t worked and replaced with new key at the check-in.
In this morning, the hotel manager explained that they had given us the key of the room which was different from the room in their computer.
They offered free breakfast as their compensation for their mistake.
They have to be more careful.
Customers are worried about the security of hotels' room lock system which is said to be accessed without a key card.